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We offer a wide range of beautiful products, handmade from East African “kitenge” fabric. The fabrics are bought on mainland Tanzania, in Dar es Salaam, and then sewn here on Zanzibar into many different accessories by our capable Ushindi Ladies.




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4 thoughts on “Our Products

  1. Kita Rutherford

    I have your products to sell in San Antonio, Texas. Stacy Kramer was instrumental in getting the items to me. They will be placed in a store that specializes in selling items from all over the world to better the lives of those in those countries.
    I want your permission to attach your picture as well as information about the items to the products. Most people want to have information about an article such as yours when they purchase it as many times they are given as gifts. I have your cards but it would be helpful to this information as well.
    I have information about another organization you can contact(I cannot do it for you) in order to have them pick up your line for sell in their stores in the USA. Please send me the name and email of the person I should write. My best to you all. You do beautiful work!! Kita Rutherford

  2. resie

    dear reader,
    I visited Zanzibar in nov/dec and worked 2 weeks at a school there where I met one of the women who made beautiful products for Ushindi. i bought some, also for family and friends at home and they all loved it. My question now is if it is possible to start selling things made by women that work for ushindi here in holland on, for instance, creative markets etc. Don’t know if this is done before or if it is possible, because to get the stuff here costs also money and I would like it the most if the women would earn money with it. (after selling I of course will send the money to Ushindi)
    I would like to hear about the possibilities.

    Warm greetings from Resie Flos

  3. Andrea

    I visited USHINDI last Spring and fell in love with the beautiful products – so, of course I went shopping!
    Since then I told some friends about the products and the women earning an income as a result of sewing for USHINDI. Unsurprisingly, they are interested in buying too and today my first order has arrived!


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